Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Saturday, blog gone! Freak out time I've been hacked??.Contact Blogger, get instant automated reply. Useless. Get on Google forums at least I find out I'm not the only sufferer.In company of others, but no good either. Someone suggests to pick up another template.Go there get a warning that all will be changed/erased -what's the difference? Decide not to go ahead.Feel stongly pressed to take 2 Valiums. Discard the idea as non operational. Meanwhile some friends e-mail informing that my blog has gone AWOL. As if i didn't know.

By now it is Monday and third message to Blogger. Can you guys help or am I on my own here?
Thank goodness Japanese class was fun and games, how to put on a yukata and wear it gracefully. In the meantime Ive been accumulating all kinds of faux passes, my good reputation is nearly gone.
Today there was a message from Blogger, the I'm sorry kind. There is this bug that ocassionally strikes them and I among others fell in the raid. They could not recoup my blog and suggested I upload a template. No problem because my posts were safe/saved.
A lot of aggravation would have been spared.
There are some glitches still, but at least I'm back and can publish.
Another suggestion, copy and paste your template into Notepad. Therfore If you get hit by this bug that ocassionally hits them you don't have to start from scratch. In case it went unnoticed there's irony and some venom in the previous lines.
Bottom line withall this communications technology and communications society if people do not communicate the information it renders them useless.

neki desu

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