Monday, May 01, 2006

lordie lord -kangies

Too busy with kangies to blog. Let's face it, I will be unable no matter how hard I try to read Japanese. Kangies have two pronunciations-meanings one in Japanese and another in Chinese. And also they are concepts. So it is up to the reader to decide which one of the variables apply depending on the context. There is also the conceptual part with all the overtones and undertones so alien to a westener. So the bottom line is, well what's the bottom line anyway?
Graphically some of them are simply gorgeous, therefore I have started thinking about possible uses in the series. This finished work is going to bridge the change in direction. I used a digitally printed image as a background for the red organza. Organza photographs hideously!

I have made a technical discovery out of necessity. The piece that I'm currently working on has a mottled background, some solid color shibori on top and the kana leitmotif printed as the final layer. I got really enthused with the dyeing-shibori part and forgot about the printing. Since I wanted the black shibori to stand out in the foreground and the printing would have killed it and muddled the whole thing, resist ( me and the fabric ) was the answer.
Well to make a detailed account short I used gum arabic that I had at hand, painted over the areas to resist, printed the paint on top, dried the paint and washed off the gum arabic by hand.
VOILA!!! resistance! will have to try it with different paints and dyes to check possible sources of problems.

neki desu

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  1. Hmmm.....still not sure I understand the process but it sounds cool!!

    And you are right....organza just does not photograph well at all.



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