Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ham, gloroius ham!

This has to do with gastronomy as well as culture.
Ham here is a much appreciated culture especially if it comes from the native black hoofed pig breed.
The animal are free range and eat mostly acorns and grasses, which include wild thime and rosemary, in a very controlled natural ecosystem called dehesa. It is then processed, turned into ham and cured for no less than 6 months under totally controlled temperature and humidity.
What comes out is a delicacy,with a price tag, but very much worth it.

So in this country to whatever/ whomever is true breed, authentic, bona fide receives in common parlance the qualification of black hoofed as in for example so and so is a fine person , a black hoofed one.

All of this introduction just to say that last night we enjoyed a plate of good ham good cheese, country bread toasts and a very good wine to wash it all down.
Small joys after a busy never ending week.

neki desu


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  1. I love a good ham. Coincidentally, we are also having ham tonight -- with roasted gratined potatoes and salad. Love the pictures!


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