Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ms.Time Manager

Wow! Ain't I proud of myself! Not only did I manage to finish all the Xmas chores but also had time to go on with the t shirt. right now it's batching and hopefully this afternoon I'll do some more stamping.

Have been delivering fruitcakes all over. This year's turned out very nice. Joy of Cooking's recipe is a winner although I spice it a bit more.

Meanwhile the whole country is holding their breath because today is the Xmas lottery draw and the prize is huge.
The orphans from an orpahanage in Madrid do the number calling with a very characteristic sing-song and this you can hear everywhere cafs, buses, taxis, houses, parks, stores.... It is like a holy echo with its promise of wealth.
Silly me cries her wits out in front of the t.v.-it is one of my Xmas rituals- as the news picture the winners dancing and prancing and spraying champagne all around.

neki desu

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