Monday, December 26, 2005

Managing the excess

We are still at the table eating like the rest of the country. People sit down on Xmas eve and go on until Boxing day, pause to take a breath and on with New Year, another short pause and there is Epiphany a.k.a. the Three Kings.

We had a lobster with lichees starter and an excellent wild boar stew for main accompanied with an incredibled red Vega Sicilia wine. My fruitcake turned out really delicious this year, nothing like good French sweet butter to spice a cake. To accompany the cake we opened a 20 year old port that took us straight to heaven's gates. Yesterday we went for tapas and some more wine. Excellent artichokes with baby lima beans and baby squid!

Santa brought me a digi cam so thatI don't bitch and moan when we travel together. And in the midst of all this gastronomic orgy I managed to complete the T-shirt. Here is a pic taken with my brand new camera.

neki desu

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