Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Weekend in Bilbao

Spent a 4 day weekend in Bilbao.The Richard Serra exhibit at the Guggenheim makes your soul sing and I'm not talking music here. Walking through those massive cor-ten sculptures you experience all kinds of feelings.
There was another good exhibit at the Art Museum on British Pop art.

And the food, lordy, lordy those people really know how to eat.
Anywhere you go the food is exellent and there are literally hundreds of great tapas bars.
Had baby squid stewed in their ink,clams in wine sauce,codfish in a variety of ways, and assorted shellfish. And always jamon(cured ham) and excellent wine.
At a restaurant had a parfait of red kidney bean and leek froth that was unusual as well as delicious.Not to mention the spoonfuls of minced marinated vegetables. Ahh!!

Came back fully nourished, both mentally and bodily.
Have losts of ideas for weavings.

neki desu
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