Monday, August 30, 2021

benibana chronicles IV

guess this will be it. scared stiff to get it contaminated with the yellow  still in the pot.
this has been the most enjoyable dye experience ive had, the chemistry to it, the preparation the chronology of the steps to obtain red.

now i am in the phase of recouping the red that is still left in the mottainai here.
this will be discharged in an alkali bath and re acidified for silk dyeing.

ive been spending time on line researching for benibana suppliers in europe.
my usual to buy people are in the uk specifically england and the brexit has made things very complicated and terribly expensive.
the sponge bars i ordered finally arrived after 6 weeks and i had to pay 9€ for levies taxes or whatevers. if you take into consideration that the total cost including transport was 20€ it's really a no go from now on. (>人<)

neki desu 
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