Monday, September 30, 2019

feeling virtuous at last

when my fairy godmother gifted me my first k-machine she mentioned that i would soon get acquainted with the concept waste yarn. and by jove i did! waste yarn is the yarn used before you're able to start knitting, usually 10-20 rows.
the amount i've generated over the years! it didn't make me feel better the fact that you use cheap ugly stuff, it's still a lot of yarn. 
recently i learned about cast on rags in one of the machine knitting groups and that squared the equation.
you need to work the cast on and then at least 10 rows to start knitting properly.of all the failed pieced i found some that could be adapted as cast on rags; now i only need to pick up the stitches, hang them to the needles and knit along.i am also using yarns from discarded cotton pieces as ravel cord.

neki desu
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