Monday, October 08, 2018

textiles mean sampling

if you deal in textiles sampling is inevitable. sewing? -muslin.weaving? sett and color blanket.
knitting? tension swatch. i'm stopping here because there is printing, dyeing and perhaps quilting.
doing a 4 color double bed jacquard and had to sample because had never worked with 4 colors before.
the white yarn is too thin and hardly covers the background, but the tension was good. on with the full size.
problems with the carriage sticking meaning a change in sponge bar.
after maiming myself i am somewhat terrified of the operation but as i am on a time limit i had to 
brave the out the operation. now waiting for the glue to dry so that i can add the cover ribbon let that also dry and put the bar back.did i mention time?
the piece has to be made photographed and the application filled by the end of this month.hoping to get juried in  an exhibit.
the jury of course will take all the time in the world😒 and the notification most likely will come within two weeks of the date due of  delivery of the works.😒😒that is if i make the cut.

calming down and reading manazuru by hiromi kawakimi. murakami has set the canon for contemporary japanese novels.

neki desu
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