Tuesday, May 15, 2018

of japanese patterns

one of the fun things i did in tokyo was to visit the nippori fabric town about 1.5kms of textile extravaganza.  many foreign ladies, some of them dragging their suffering husbands going on a fabric o.d. not to mention  those passing glances that recognized the sisterhood and the bags that validated it.
easy because the choice,quality and prices are unbeatable, better than london if you get my drift. 
i bought fabric, but in a controlled way only  succumbing to linen knits ,which never in my life, i had seen such variety.
notions were also hard to resist. all kinds of doohickeys you didn't know existed, but make sewing easier. then trims,needles, marking pens the list goes on. 
a  mention about the japanese pattern department. sizes can be tricky because japanese women are small and a large can not always mean our large.but the styles are simple and stylish.

this line of patterns which i indulged  are a bit more expensive than the regular lines but it really pays.

first they are pre cut, you just loosen them from the paper.
then the paperstock is nice and heavy like  plotter
also you don't have to trace the pattern which entails more  paper, pens and lots of patience finding your way in the maze of lines and sizes.

the instructions  are both sides of a paper and come in a plastic sleeve so one really needn't handle them.
and last but not least the pattern sleeve is big enough to hold the cut pattern. i have gone  the whole nine yards trying to fit an already cut pattern into its sleeve and to my frustration it always rips the sides of the envelope.

 ok instructions are evidently in japanese, but if one is relatively  sewing experienced  it's no big deal. and there's always google translate. point the phone camera and off you go. don't take the results literal though. 。^‿^。

neki desu
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