Monday, January 08, 2018

trapped in a novel

fortunately it's neither best seller reading nor pulp fiction.
the worst 10 cms of my weaving life slow and nerve wreacking, it is like doing pick up weave.i keep weaving just to see if it gets better because i don't quit easily..
this warp defies all common knowledge and pop beliefs. linseed dressing to strengthen the fibers and avoid fraying? haha. hairspray to tame hairiness? ditto.spraying water ? total derision.
i now understand why countermarch looms were created and the deeper the more efficient.
looks like this household is going to have some posh linen dish rags.
just waiting to see if i can have a word with mr.darcey. (-_-)

neki desu 
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  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    oh dear, that does not look like fun. Cut it off and feed it to the compost pile. Too much fibre, not good for your blood pressure.


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