Monday, November 13, 2017

vintage linen

got this one in 1975 in finland therefore it qualifies as vintage. it was wetspun so it doesn't snap to the touch. i gave up on the warp. the linseed sizing prevented the fraying, but  the yarns snapped when advanced .i really tried to salvage it,but life's too short. at least this mishap helps with the stash busting scheme.

the status now is that i am boiling two skeins in soda ash to bring them back to an ivory white.
if i get bold i might even try some peroxide to make them whiter. then size them and on with warping.end of the story lest these are the proverbial famous last words.

on another note, have never seen happier people with the week of rain.nobody minds the umbrellas, rain boots and whatnots. those fields are so very green now it hurts the eye!

neki desu
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