Monday, November 20, 2017

maybe the universe is trying to tell me something

maybe i need to concentrate more, or give up weaving and knitting all together and enjoy my present life.
i spent the last 30 years concentrated in my weaving and now the paradigm has changed, having a more  socially active life and all of a sudden it's almost like i have unlearned what i had under my belt.making crude mistakes and stupid judgments concerning materials, 

this is like ground hog day. winding a warp again.

 using much heavier yarn.have been given a humility lesson. we shall see

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    "this too shall pass"! you don't unlearn 30 years of practice in a few months. Just a new path to follow.

  2. Any time you don't do something as frequently - any activity or process - you lose muscle memory, which often takes the place of consciously thinking about the actiivity or process. I had that happen after over a year of not weaving as much as I used to. I forgot how to wind a properly tensioned warp, had trouble using the warping wheel. Don't despair! It comes back!


interaction appreciated!


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