Thursday, September 14, 2017

devorè revisited

looks pretty unappealing oi? wire knitted  and linen knitted together in a technique called plating.
each yarn knits on one side so you have a *double knit *the technique presented some issues that i'm sure practice will sooth.also tested a thicker cotton yarn with the wire at the top.being thicker, the cotton covers the wire better.

linen and mono-filament, my latest best friend.

 the devorè part using fiber etch.

 the linen mono-filament needs more tweaking in terms of temperature.if hot enough to dissolve the linen it will melt the mono filament :(

wire presents no problem. however the frayed edges need some treatment to appease the architects surrounding me. or not. next will be aging the wire.

had tried devorè on some woven silk linen pieces time ago and on commercially woven silk linen fabric.
 all the knitting activity is because i'm waiting for more heddles to arrive.the thinner the yarn i use the shorter i am on heddles. and to think my dobby loom is just 70 ms wide.

on the life in general department started aqua gym this week.quite a workout!
and got great tickets for the opera.thrilled that in my new town one can enjoy opera without having to sell either the firstborn or the spouse or both.

neki desu
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  1. interesting experiments I'm partial to the last one sort of leopard-ish
    Enjoy the opera!


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