Monday, July 03, 2017

so much is new

this is my new printing set up-for now.using my bathroom as this is a small sized project. i used the top of a plastic storage tub to cover the bathroom sink.working ok, but i need to find my way into doing this comfortably. eventually i'll clear the table that is presently holding the sewing machine and this will go back to its place when i finish cutting a dress. my new studio is very tight and compact with every single piece of equipment doing more that three functions.

this is a muji dress, believe it or not. they come pressed into cubes which makes them ideal for traveling. once you open them they somewhat keep the scrunched texture and when you wash them you can twist them and dry to keep the crumpled texture-also ideal for's a sleeveless A line shift dress that can be worn with a long sleeved t shirt underneath when the weather merits. very smart& functional so i bought about 5 of them.this one was screaming for something more so it got the hack treatment. 

print paste,  and orange dye painted on the scrunched clamped dress. orange because i was trying to walk away from the flag look.
note the make up remover pad on the left moonlighting as dye catcher (^∇^). there are lots of useful things in a bathroom that i would have never thought.

the clamped dress is wrapped in a plastic carrier bag curing in the sun outside.
re weaving: on the proverbial 20 cms.left to call it done.

happy fouth of july y'all !

neki desu
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