Monday, July 31, 2017


last week i had some issues with the e-knitting machine that brought a share of despair. as ever, the problem was the cable not connecting properly.once that was diagnosed and fixed,mind you after trying all possible tricks, the mild terror did not go away.
i had to translate the stitching pattern to a graphic image to use the e-machine and it was an interesting exercise.
this is the first sample i knitted; it's cotton and merino,the merino felted to pull out the cotton.
second round:
the bottom part was knitted in double bed jacquard without pushing the ribber button-my bad.the interesting fact is that it looks more like what the pattern  actually appears to be.does the machine really cares whether it's a graphic image or a stitched pattern?is it just the buttons you push or forget to push?

here the merino is knitting the outline, i really don't remember whether it was yarn 1 or 2, and properly fulled.

 here the merino knits the opposite, the centers. this is what i want so the yarn conundrum should be addressed!

but what i really really want to do is knit with fish line (remember?) as one of the yarns.
still terrified of busting the machine using un-orthodox materials i am recurring to low tech .

                                                                third round:
punching a card for the mechanical punch card machine aka the workhorse. other than bent or worn out needles nothing can happen to that one.
there's a huge mistake as you can notice,but nothing that cello tape can't correct.

neki desu
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  1. I like the piece with 2 different trials, the pattern seems to dissolve

  2. just a remark on your patience: i would have pulled out my hair by this time. bravo neki!


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