Tuesday, June 06, 2017

other crafts

building trellises for the clematises.the madame lecoutre one got damaged.we shall see if it affects the blooms this year. the one in the middle will have to wait until the winter prune as i don't want more regrets.

my new companions. it is bliss hearing them instead of ambulance sirens, angry drivers cursing each other, horns honking and general traffic noise. i can wax lyrical talking about working in the new studio.  

neki desu
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  1. Your patio garden is beginning to look very lush!

  2. City life was once-upon-a-time exciting. Now, a more rural life is my preference. Pace is slower, people more relaxed, and I'm happier. Glad to hear that you're having the same reaction to your move as I did mine!


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