Monday, April 03, 2017

re surfacing from the yarn mines

had nothing interesting to post and was concentrating on the task of knotting the lead yarn to the actual warp.was going nuts with the knots. even putting myself in alfa state didn't work so i did all kinds of crazy stuff; like getting a manicure, the first in forty years, going crazy buying plants to start the new terrace garden. or taking a week holiday to cork which coincided with the brexit handing over document.Boy!were the folks at passport control unpleasant.mind you i was just in transit.

however all was great in the republic of ireland,warm, friendly people, gorgeous walks and the daffs were all out,everywhere you looked!they stole my heart.

now i am finally threading.just a simple straight draw to make things easy with the intention of weaving a crepe.learning new movements, other ways of threading, how to be and work in my new space. all of that while disciplining myself not to run out for  hanami. the yae sakuras are in bloom in my hood and the apple trees-remember this is cider country-are all out.

neki desu
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  1. Still in the mines, here. The daffs are my signal that Spring is coming soon. Ours were a few weeks ago - now it is California Poppy season, and lots of other wildflowers. I'll post some photos on the blog, any day now!

  2. The whole world seems to be on shakey legs these days, glad you were able to have a good trip in spite of it all. The daffs are so happy looking! Mine will be out here soon too.

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    glad you have re-surfaced,your trip to Ireland sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Spring. I'm madly trying to get the weeds under control and frowning at the lawn mower. Plum still blooming and spectacular year for cherry blossoms.


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