Wednesday, March 01, 2017


i am going to teach myself sectional warping with this  disaster/mess. a beautiful  indigo dyes silk warp that accidentally got cut while warping. how you may ask; i too asked myself. cutting some ties in two of the chains; went ahead and finished the job. now i have about a meter

 and the rest which i plan to tie yarn by yarn 
after i warp that cut meter. i know i am taxing myself, but perseverance is my game. and i'd hate to throw away that beautiful warp.
by posting about this i feel i am contributing to the general well being as people tend to get depressed because everyone else's life is beautiful and perfect.  (゜。゜)

neki desu
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  1. Now I feel SO much better.

  2. Ouch! Good luck and much patience!

  3. some silk is like hair. I admire your determination

  4. Hai ragione, siamo imperfette, facciamo pasticci e non tutto fila liscio. Ma questa è la normalità, non la perfezione...


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