Monday, January 30, 2017

seriously now

fingerless mits on the k machine.
 laying to rest the creatures and making something useful  although my machine doesn't like that very much. it works better when it's just non functional work.
the yarn is sock yarn from tiger 1€! reprocessed wool and some nylon. didn't want to spend much on it as i was not sure of the outcome.for the price it's quite good.
the instructions from the incomparable diana sullivan.
now on with the other hand.although on second thought i'm going to make the mitts longer so that they come up to the knuckles. this one will be kept in the samples binders.
i'll post the vid this friday so be patient(*^▽^*)

neki desu
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  1. Pretty impressive for the knitting machine! I'd rather use dpns myself even if it's a lot slower. But hey, warm hands!


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