Tuesday, December 06, 2016

of hacks ii

the new uprights have already been installed- doing cartwheels \(^▽^)/

the new underslung beater was put in place by lil ol me, no big deal.

the new uprights house the sectional beam and an extra warp beam. lots of space for warps.

then yesterday i noticed that i was missing the plastic stud covering  solenoid rod number three. yes, the rods that when fired push forward touching the knife thus getting lifted.
 i had some pegs from the dobby chain lying around. dark colored hard plastic, longer than the original, but hackable. used the soldeting iron to make the hole to fit the rod and the pyrography tool to melt it to size and cut it.whew! then came some sanding and finally the stud is in place.
now i need to gather courage and turn on the loom electronics aka loom box to see if it survived the move, then check if the stud hack works. guess who's having champagne tonight?

the carpenter is a young guy and he's my new best friend.i love people with intellectual curiosity and he had me explain how the loom worked and asked intelligent questions.
so i showed him  my white yarns, then some of the dyed ones and my japanese shuttles.he really enjoyed the craftsmanship of the shuttles.
then he asked to see some of my work. i was in heaven!
 as he was leaving he noticed our art nouveau, actually more secessionen, armoire which i use as china closet.again curiosity and was such a refreshing visit.
and the loom looks great!☆ *(^∇^)*☆

neki desu
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  1. I gave a way the loom with the solenoids. I couldn't stand the clicking nose.

  2. awesome. the intricacies of your loom mystifies me, but your joy in making the thing functional after the big move is wonderful! congratulations on it all, and on the joy of showing someone who gets it about your work. i swear other craftspeople love love love tools.

  3. Nice work! I love the underslung beater. You're quite the pro hacker now.

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    wonderful, a loom almost ready to go! can't wait to see it warped and clicking.

  5. I can feel the energy from here.


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