Monday, October 10, 2016

abducted by boxes

thought i could unpack and keep on with my life in two weeks.
that of course could only happen in a fantasy world.
right now the place is full of Ikea people setting up furniture so that we can finish unpacking the house related stuff and make space.
 we'll travel back to the blue box in two weeks for my studio furniture.the studio is still full of unpacked boxes waiting for shelves and tables.

But what a view we have! watching the trees slowly turning.
velma my jealous days are going to be over, me too surrounded by nature ^_^

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  1. you did it!!! yay. in the country now, and enjoying the changes...between boxes, that is!

  2. what a beautiful view....very inspiring.

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    looks wonderful Neki! i too am often optimistic about what i can accomplish and eventually settle in with the reality of it...enjoy!

  4. Just unpack a wine glass and go, enjoy that view!

  5. Go with the advice about a wine glass! It may not make the unpacking process go faster, but it'll help you enjoy the process. Congratulations on completing the move, if not the unpacking.

  6. wonderful veiws! The wineglass idea sounds good to me too, love that soft fog.


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