Thursday, August 11, 2016

of thrums

what i learned: no use in being frugal and saving them. unless you have a weaver neighbor willing to come and pick them up as soon as you cut the warp.
i just dealt with 20 years worth of thrums which are going to end where they could have ended years ago.
live and learn.

neki desu
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  1. Ah, but you used them for this post!

  2. and now they're installed as your latest piece in GALLERY SHI SHI and you will win a prestigious and generous prize...

  3. oh, the title of your piece? "compost"

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    ha, I too have a large collection. I've tried weaving twice woven rugs, they are useful but take time, they do use lots of yarn. All my hand stitching is done with thrums and I use them for warping and tying things up but still the collection grows, sigh!


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