Tuesday, August 09, 2016

milenial envy

ancient work, from 83-84 when i still wove tapestry.this was a series i exhibited when i was working with triangles woven with raffia.i had started incorporating paint to the surface.

was also creating resist patterns with whatever i found; masking tape, lentils, whatever.

believe me when i say this one is a triangle too.

the one on the left creased to a triangle first  volumetric piece of mine. on the right a closet look.i was also doing textures!!
interesting that at that time i sort of planted the seeds of what would come next albeit in a smaller scale. 

and why would you ask milenial envy?
because they don't keep stuff. there's instagram for photos,kindle for books,spotify for music,dropbox for docs so moving is easy peasy.

neki desu
Creative Commons License

1 comment:

  1. Always interesting to see someone's history.
    Yes, what to do with all the artifacts. Cut them up and make more artifacts, maybe.


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