Tuesday, July 26, 2016

it's called work in progress

although it's taken a lot of time to gel it's on its way now. tore some of it to make it smaller and printed,printed, printed. monoprint can be a misnomer if you are using some texture imprinted on the plate; you can replicate it all the times you want. you can also get ghost prints that are  visually effective.

the  diy plate works very well!
i am using golden heavy body acrylics and need to work fast to beat the drying time. also using amsterdam fluos for their transparency and color pop.

putting to work what i've learned.
think the two rectangles at the top are too dominant.

neki desu
Creative Commons License

1 comment:

  1. nope to that, i like them. it's that smiggle in the background that's throwing off my eye. (ok, you didn't ask, but...)


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