Monday, June 27, 2016

oh dear

away longer than i expected but back to the land of the living.
the website has a tiny thing that i am not able to resolve, but after tinkering with it for a week and tearing my hair i just went ahead and published. things were learned along the way, so not all was  loss of hair and headaches.
so  here  are the fruits of my efforts, not overly designed in trying to keep things simple.except for the about animation that is ;) please let me know if there are misconducts esp. the mobile site that drove me nuts.
disregard the unsolvable @ that doesn't come up , but it's still clickable.  the image is there, properly linked. go figure.

turning a page here's the first exercise of lesson three which was cruciform composition.think it has enough variety in the quadrants and the cross looks integrated with the background. more tomorrow.

neki desu
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  1. Perbacco, come sei brava! Ma tuo marito la sa che ha sposato un fenomeno?!?


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