Monday, May 02, 2016

sampling for a bride

  linen knit

silk bourette knit

crepe silk 

i am making a shawl for a friend who is getting married in september. mailing these three samples for her to chose.if she chooses the linen knit i will be a very happy camper!
the woven sample has to be researched more as the crepe silk becomes quite scratchy after wet finishing. used a tablespoon of sodium bicarb as scouring agent since it is milder than washing soda.
just simmered and it didn't cut it. had to add hair rinse to soften it.

what has the collective wisdom to say about this?

neki desu
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  1. If by "crepe" you mean "overtwisted," it does have a tendency to be scratchy because of the extra twist. A bath of fabric softener in warm water sometimes helps. Personally, I think the linen knit has a more bridal look than the crepe... But whichever she choses, I'm sure she'll love it!


interaction appreciated!


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