Thursday, May 05, 2016

of loom hacks

setting up my new sectional be honest i think i succumbed to peer pressure because
c'mon! weavers in bali and laos produce breath taking textiles without sectional beams. but oh well! no matter how zen and minimal i start out i inevitably end up baroque.just to show that i am occidental and not oriental.

this is the hack-photo permission kindly allowed by margreet. i have been following her hacks which come anointed by mr louet in person!

i am having the uprights built by a carpenter to be able to install the sectional beam and move another beam to the back. eventually i'll extend the floor supports to square  the back and move the uprights to the back,making the loom look like a real one and not a lame number-pun intended.
also i think it will improve the shed although mr. louet said it would neither harm nor benefit the shed.

these were going to be the woe factor; i was ready to write a schmaltzy plea to louet nl asking them to sell me the 4 that were needed.
however the hardware gods graced me as i was able to find them locally.  i did hours of internet surfing and was not able to find its appellation therefore i brought a photo with me to the hardware. (yes, i love to be sneered at in hardware stores )
please enlighten me. it's not a bolt as,bolt barrels are threaded and this one is just 3 cms at the bottom.and what about the thingie that catches the bolt at the end? must have a fascinating name pared to its nonetheless fascinating function.

neki desu
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  1. When the hardware guys ask "What do you want *that* for?" and then sneer, I've learned to say "Don't ask; you don't want to know. Just sell me one!"


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