Monday, April 04, 2016

shifting gears,changing route

was questioning the point of doing pick up on 12 shafts. was also getting impatient and a result i was spending a lot of time on line in pinterest.bad sign.
why go through torture when i could be having fun having a non taxing learning experience?
picking up the influence of the great kaz of curious weaver and of the weavers workroom and other people in instagram i gave it a shot coming up with an interpretation of saori weaving. 
i was going to clarify minus the philosophy, but there too i made my personal interpretation.
the loom was threaded for double weave in dark/ light; i could weave any kind of background and the inlay.
There you have it!

on another note,ordered the sectional beam and standing beater. the people at louet netherlands rock big time.
on to the carpenter. good thing husband-san's an architect,he made this beautiful plan for the loom extension which will house the sectional beam.

neki desu
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