Monday, April 11, 2016

of a traveled road

i was still finding my way with my gifted brother 890 when i came acrosss pamela cruise's blog.
it was a wow moment when i saw her artwok. besides wearables she was knitting images and creating very sensitive pieces. having been always interested in rendering images on textiles i thought i would like to explore that road.
i was aware of the need of electronics to be able to work in that way.  luckily some time later i had the opportunity to buy a brother 940 electronic knitting machine.

incessantly perusing the internet trying to find an alternative to the very pricy program and cables on the market i came across the hacker geeks who were coding and hacking e-machines to suit their needs. the scenario way too above my head,but voila! it could be done. that led me to arduino. 
meanwhile some other group of geeks were developing an alternative to the commercial program ,but for mac.woe is me!after much kvetch from the pc crowd the pc version was presented. i was on my way.

images, i have tons and have never presented a problem for me. i could create images from my images by manipulating them in photoshop.there were also applets out there in the geek world which could generate images from math as the cell automata.  exciting possibilities for someone not particularly  married to the literal as alice says. 
i just needed to work on the knitting technique and learn it. so i burned yarn as if it was going out of style until i started producing work that would not embarrass me or my relatives.

that in a mango fruit-one cannot say nutshell because of the extension- has been the road i've been traveling for the past 3-4 years. from the first crop i showed a work last year.
and now 2 of my pieces are going to be shown.

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. Congratulations! All that work and study is taking you where you wanted to go. Can't ask for a more satisfying feeling!

  2. You get the prize for righteous persistence. This is a beautiful piece.

  3. Wow!! my adventures are nothing compared to yours!! Be adventurous,have fun !!
    P.s were you eating a mango while writing this ? :)


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