Wednesday, April 06, 2016

going pictorial

and nuts. 
first things first. this is a dw with inlay which i find more gratifying than pick up;however i'm not giving up on it.i have way too much on my plate right now to devote myself to something that needs all the patience and attention in creation.

this is my rendition of a japanese 
autumn sport: tsukimi or moon viewing.

then comes the carpenter hunt. finding one that understands what i need/want and does not require to sell the family jewels.i was trying not to get entagled with sexism and the assertive woman so i brought along husband-san for him to deal with the prolegomena. but it did not work because he got nervous, impatient and impertinent as he was treated like an ignorant fool who had drawn 4 lines and thought he was competent.he, the architect.
in a nutshell the quest  for a carpenter continues. think that the warp beam and beaters will get here first.

neki desu
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  1. Love that weaving! Tsukimi, indeed.


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