Tuesday, February 09, 2016

on the front burner again

this  double weave sample project was on hold due to the knitting rush, but just came back to life again. warp is very fine botany wool in white and the other layer is grey 48/2 merino with a stainless steel/wool stripe in the middle. the wefts are white crepe wool 18txcm and stries and or blocks of grey merino and stainless / wool.

front and back after wet finishing.the stailess-wool yarn puffs nicely with more volume than the grey merino which tends to felt. the combination of both yarns is very effective.

the white crepe wool produces small kinks which i do not find unatractive.

your regular wiggly/ bumpy stripes.
the fewer weft passes the  wigglier.

re threading now to sample other possibilities in double weave. 

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. love the checkered effect and the organic textured look.

  2. Amazing how different it looks after finishing!


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