Thursday, February 11, 2016

crossing out items

my  to do list is getting smaller  \  ^_^  /
was able after much woe to source funori locally and buy on line. the delivery costs verged on the outrage and i almost had to send them my fingerprints. but it was at my door the day after. trade-offs,trade-offs.

now i need to make the sauce for sizing my silk warp chains.

 recipe as per bryan-san:

  I use a cup of Japanese white rice boiled in a litre of water then strained. (keep the milky water throw away the rice or make soup from it.) I crush a few walnuts with a wooden mallet in a piece of cloth and milk out the oil into the rice water. I melt a ten centimeter piece of funori for 500 grams of silk in two cups of water and strain out the yucky stuff through a handkerchief. Mix this into the rice/walnut oil water and put the silk in for one minute and gently squeeze out most of the water. 

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous12:44 AM

    it is always good when the list gets smaller, unfortunately there always seems to be another list waiting.

  2. Affascinante, ma a cosa serve?

  3. Is the sizing for tramm silk, which wants to tangle and slide apart, or overtwist silk, which wants to keep on twisting? Do you soak the skeins and dry them before warping, or paint the sizing on after the warp is on the loom?


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