Wednesday, January 27, 2016


and you thought it was an exaggeration on my part. this is the machine's control panel. buttons to select and i'm not doing manual input -think of blackening squares in a draft before  weaving design programs.

then there's the main carriage. all those buttons are for different functions. forget one and the best that can happen is that the carriage gets jammed.

and  there's the ribber carriage with more buttons and functions. forget to set one and at worst you can break a needle.

then there's the nightmare where you forget to click the button in the color changer and the color sequence goes wonky.the best that can happen is that you get a line of sold color. the worst is that you realize it after you finish the knitting and you can't read  the image.

but the worst of the worst comes with no button. this is when the yarn doesn't catch in the carriage
and the whole piece lands on the floor with a loud thud. this usually happens when there are 4-5 rows to the end.
it's not about learning curve, it's about concentration. let your mind wander and you're.....
the good news is that i don't need mind training games to keep  the mind nimble and the german gentleman away.

neki desu
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  1. Io invece gioco a Ruzzle per tenere il cervello attivo! Una volta di più ammiro quello che fai, quanta pazienza e quanta concentrazione.


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