Monday, December 07, 2015

swinging& stitching

after a pretty glorious fal ltime in madrid i'm back. i was supposed to be enjoying fll in kyoto, but life has is was.can't complain becaue i got to see some pretty stupendous colors at the botanical garden. their momiji collection is great, even bonsais in full color.

once back home i spent time getting up to par and baking my xmas cakes which are already crossed out from the list.feeling smug because the preps are going on schedule, this week downtown for the nougats & gifts, plan the menu and set the tree.and at last i can have time to do what i want. however, this week is a super long weekend with just 2 actual working days. hope this doesn't turn my schedule into bogusness .

this number was made some years ago from a very heavily felted wool blanket. it is fondly called the golem and i have used it sparely.took it out this year and re styled it by narrowing the bottom and doing some stitching because it needed spunk.
stitching heavy felt is challenging to say the least therefore my heavy embellishment was cut short.

maybe next year i'll add some more. the back is still orphan.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    wondered where you had gone, Kyoto would have been nice in autumn colours but I wouldn't complain about Madrid either.

  2. Welcome home! Our momiji has shed all its leaves (many nights below freezing does that) and the persimmon has too, so it looks like a bare Christmas tree with golden ornaments. Yum!

  3. How about a sewing on a simple embroidered patch on the back of the golem?


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