Tuesday, December 15, 2015

pesky windows

i have the desk top working in a network with the knitting machine laptop.i work the designs on the desktop and i retrieve them with the laptop and knit.  
yesterday when i fired both they couldn't talk to each other. why of course the last update messed something up on the laptop settings, presumably the graphic card. i now have 3 options: create a dropbox account & work from the cloud;create the windows cloud whatever and give them control over my stuff ; go the old pen drive route. guess which one i am taking.
meanwhile here's a pretty picture to chill out.

neki desu
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  1. They call that last one a "sneaker-net". And it works fine. I know what you mean. Upgrades are killing me! My old and unsupported Win XP system can't even run the latest iTunes? Grrr..

  2. Ammiro la tua intraprendenza, ma hai una laurea in ingegneria?!?


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