Monday, November 16, 2015

creativity gymnastics

sometimes excretion happens hitting the proverbial fan.
wet finishing left me with a fabric length -or maybe short is more accurate- narrower and shorter than what was needed. in other words,there's not enough for sleeves. not in the mood for making chains, warping and weaving especially after having so much hassle with the yarn. 
oh well. thinking of alternatives; cutting the sleeves from some left over felt from here , adding some of whaterver's left from the weaving as cuffs to integrate the sleeves to the top and last adding a front tab in the same green felt in the hopes that the top wont look as if i ran out of fabric.(which i did)

working with layers of tyvek using the heat gun to create something out of frustration.
the second layer is a scrap of woven fabric from this project, which coincidentally was another warp from hell-i'm starting to see a pattern emerging.
two layers of tyvek painted in close related colors,the silk scarp and two layers of poly organza sandwiched together, machine stitched and zapped with the heat gun to reveal the different layers. then zapped some more to make the woven layer more prominent.
i should add some beads to it.

also making a new warp, this time indigo dyed silk.and i'm going to size each chain to avoid frustration.going downtown next week to the japanese grocery store to check out if they carry funori to make the usual japanese sizing for silk. if not plain  watery rice starch will have to do. still thinking about adding a drop of oil to it.
thoughts anyone ?

neki desu
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  1. seems like the most beautiful things come out of the mishaps, mistakes and frustrations. it is an opportunity for the best kind of creativity.


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