Tuesday, October 06, 2015


sensei's fabrics. understated takes a lot of will to weave one tan, the traditional bolt of kimono fabric measuring 36cms by 11mts.long.

i am progressing slowly and i'm not weaving a tan, just a mere 3-4 mts. 
upon examining i quit being a purist; it's ok for the industry to use ll kinds of starches and  warp dressings, why it shouldn't be ok for me?ditched the romance of the hand made and i am spraying the warp to my life's content with hairspray.
ergo the warp is behaving and i am weaving better.

Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.
 Haruki Murakami

_Kafka on the Shore

neki desu 
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  1. Your fabric is beautiful! Your hairspray dilemma reminds me of the hemp waffle towels I wove awhile back. I ended up painting the warp with flax seed sizing or else the handspun hemp/cotton threads kept breaking. Worked really well and washed right out in the finishing.

  2. Beautiful colors in that cloth!


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