Thursday, October 22, 2015

where to look

this object has been in my sewing box for quite some time now. as i've mixed feet& attachments from 2 machines to "simplify" i had no idea which machine it came from.if you don't know what it is google is pretty useless. besides google has turned into a pay advert place where the first 4 pages are for paid stuff. 
that might help business and google, but not the regular user who just wants/needs information. and we thought google rocked time ago. sigh.
i am relying more and more on pinterest as a source of information which not also provides visuals, but also links where to find that information.
well yesterday  looking in the pattern drafting boards one link led to another and yet another et voila!
found a photo of the above and learned that it's a seam guide. i am one very happy camper now.

disclaimer: i do not pin anything nor anyone.i just use pinterest as a source of information, just like google in the good ol' days.
let's see if pinterest doesn't die of success as google did.

neki desu
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  1. Glad you found your answer but you could have asked me! I had one of those for my first real sewing machine. You also need an appropriate hole in the machine for the screw.


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