Monday, October 19, 2015

fiat lux

pretty sick of dealing with clamped lamps.however, to my delight i found a diy project for  making a a free standing movable * light fixture which  i hacked to my convenience. it will serve for both the k machines and with an additional led strip on the beater, my loom.

 without much preamble here's what you need:

  • 2 pvc pipes which will serve as uprights cut to the desired height
  • 4 lengths that will make the feet 
  • 2 90 degree fittings (not threaded)
  • 2 T fittings (not threaded)
  • 1  pvc pipe cut to desired length ( i chose transparent for increased light diffusion) which will hold the light.
  • 1 tube led  light( the look is similar to a small fluorescent tube, but it's more compact,lightweight and gives led light)
  • pvc glue

 measure the space where it is going to go,the horizontal pipe will give you the width of the fixture.

i got my pvc tubes cut to measure where i bought them.if not you'll need a hacksaw to perform the cuts. 
also the light fixture i bought comes with the clamps, screws and cable.


connect the 4 lengths to the T fittings. put a dab of glue in the lower holes of the fittings as you connect the pipes. this will strengthen the joins adding stability.let them dry.
connect the uprights to the feet adding a bit of glue.let them dry.

put the elbow fittings on the uprights,add glue and dry.

do not put glue on the holes that will carry the horizontal can later remove it and add a longer or shorter pipe according to your needs.

mount the light:
make 2 holes on the horizontal pipe with a soldering iron; if not available use a hot metal skewer.these holes will help you to ease in the screws.screw in the holding clamps or whatever comes with your light fixture and push the light tube in.

you're done.

if you need more information leave a comment and i'll address it. let's keep it open  here, so that others can benefit.

*trivia: when i started the blog in 2005-wow 10 years already- i desperately wanted hemingway's novel as the blog's name.woe is me, it was already taken. as movable is  a variant of the spelling
i did not hesitate and have been happy ever after.

neki desu
Creative Commons License

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  1. very cool lighting set up. thank you


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