Wednesday, September 02, 2015

woe brings opportunities

my plastic vat started leaking-note the floor and i went into panic.urgency directed that i had to make do with what i had in hand; a spare a big terracotta plant pot. now look for something to plug into the hole-a port cork!
after much washing it came out stained, but ok. now the liquid transfer no matter how there was going to be oxigen added.
let it rest. then add some more water, alkali, hydro some more reduced indigo and heat it. let it rest one day.

a good vat once again.
a new career opened up for me; stress management coaching. ☆ *: o(≧▽≦)o :*☆

neki desu
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  1. Do you have an immersion heater in the vat? What temperature did you heat the reduced indigo to before you added it to the vat?

    1. Janet, it's a fish aquarium heater so it doesn't go beyond 34ºc. the pot works well because unlike the plastic vat, it keeps the heat and if you cover it it gets very toasty.i heated the vat and then added the indigo
      the reduced indigo was in the sunlight so i figure 36ºc give or take.

  2. with a 30 gal. vat I don't use any heat, it keeps going through the summer and gets reactivated in the late spring. The one in use now is on it's 4th year. It would be nice to have a ceramic pot but for that size the price is out of the question. I wrap the plastic garbage pail in sheets of water-heater insulation.

  3. some day i will keep a vat going, for now, i dream of that.


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