Wednesday, August 12, 2015

more paper

lol! i can't even link my own photos in instagram. that's the price of privacy. 
 however, people find ways and then you see your photos in pinterest  >:(
but i digress; another paper work this time beaten kraft paper, treated with graphite powder, bronze paint and then treated with patina activator. it was stitched with copper wire(difficult!!) and patina activator was painted on the wire. there's also a bit of scrim ( cheesecloth-yum!) at the bottom. i wanted to create a trompe'oeil effect with the copper stitching and also reflect some of the wrinkles on the paper.
the photo is in the artsy fartsy category so no crispness or sharp detail, but lots of filters. bear with me.

neki desu
Creative Commons License

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  1. Wonderful texture and delicate colors.


interaction appreciated!


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