Monday, August 24, 2015

how many layers is too many?

more puff paint,but this is somewhat less of a sample more of a sketch.the gold texture is stenciled puff paint on lutradur,painted and zapped with the heat gun.then some stitching and more heat gun. added two layers of  black tulle one with larger holes behind and a very fine whisper of a tulle in front. both were stitched some puff paint added.
this time i used the hairdryer as i wanted to preserve the integrity of the tulle.

this one although still a sketch had to be more thought.
there are 4 layers of lutradur painted,stamped and  machine stitched together .
the last layer is very fine lutradur stamped with puff paint,
then painted and finally zapped to reveal parts of the bottom layers. the puff paint didn't puff so much, but the texture is nice and has definition.

these are in between loom rest sketches actually r&r and by that i don't mean music  。^‿^。

 you can feel even in the city that there's a change; the light,the heat and humidity are almost not bothersome, the plants. in a few weeks a new season will be here.

neki desu
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  1. It has a glasslike quality. When I enlarged the first image I could see the stitching, but as first glance it looks more like fused glass - some kind of found object. Very interesting.


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