Monday, June 15, 2015

ribber of babylon

all set.a minor issue as i was missing a line of instruction for the set up. ever present problem; instructions are not written for stark beginners and self study. thank goodness for ravelry and the wonderful folks there.

 as ever  starting the house by the roof. instead of using a heavier yarn, let's make it challenging and also learn to work with the fine fine knitting bar and end stitch pressers.
my first sample:1x1 ribing, just to start practicing cast on.the drop stitches are not intentional.this time.

OT. the title is a pun of this. music is so useful *_*

neki desu
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  1. The ribber - an apparatus with a difficult personality, at least mine is. It took several weeks of efforts from my side to befriend it. Now we are on polite terms, but not more.


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