Monday, June 22, 2015

comfortably ribbing during sommerfest

happy solstice you sun children! our big day night will be on the 23rd with enough dancing and drinking and fireworks to need a holiday the day after.

spent time getting to know the monster and testing different yarns.basically the silk bourrette and cotton i'll be using a lot.i am quite pleased because the beast needs to be fed thin yarns and i can use my stash.

fisherman's rib on cotton and silk bourrette
english rib, which is a variation
 of fisherman's or vice versa, on silk

full needle rib.tricky! one has to pay extra attention to remember and swing the ribber or the needles in both beds will collide resulting in bent/broken needles.

i  feel confident enough to start playing this week. anxious to test dropping stitches  and making holey distressed samples.

neki desu
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