Thursday, June 11, 2015

about stashes

or the purpose of accumulation; you never know.i bought this piece of ikat fabric years ago during a trip to bali.too small for even a sarong, but it was love at first sight.  very fine cotton yarn, finer than sewing thread.i visited the workshop and had a wonderful time among those simple looms and was even able to photograph the whole ikat process.

fast forward to 015, cant believe i bought this in 1990!
you never know.just right for the hem of this pattern.
the linen top is from my mil's linen sheets.beautiful and soft.
the dress is big in shape although i could add some one is going to make me buy and use a girdle.(thought we had gotten rid of those in the 60s) and i really like rundholz shapes

neki desu
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  1. Great way to honor these beautiful fabrics. Love the proportions, too.

  2. Che buona idea, sembra perfetto!

  3. You found the perfect use for your saved ikat. What a brilliant idea!


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