Tuesday, June 09, 2015

a menacing artifact

yet one to bring topstitching to a new level. no more watching guide lines; this foot placed on the seam and adjusted to the wished width produces consistently even topstitch. you can guess i am on a topstitch roll  ^_^. and the best of the best is that it was included in my old elna jubilee kit.i just had  to unearth it, so i can say it was technically free. so there you have it my new best friend.

and here's the lantern skirt, already finished and all its wrinkled linen glory. rather be wrinkled and cool than wrinkle free and dripping sweat,which means synthetics-sorry.
all the seams are topstitched, of course.

neki desu
Creative Commons License

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  1. Questo sí che mi ape un attrezzo utile! Bella la gonna, ah il lino....


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