Tuesday, June 02, 2015

a lot of cooking going on

lantern skirt already cut. used a medium weight ivory linen. the remaining will go in the ai vat and will be used to finish the patched cover.

tested this color and contemplating dyeing the skirt .the color is a grayed lilac.have to decide today.

color both the purple& the lime green-who would have told me, the anti green person, that i would develop a like for lime green?
don't know whether to use both colors in one pass or do a 2 shuttle weave. have to decide today.

learning to use this shuttle. will do a post on how to thread it because it is very ingenious.
 don't think hasegawa-san  will like the fact that i'm not using it on a fly shuttle. 

the frenzy is because i need to finish the weaving before the heat strikes and renders the studio inoperative.

neki desu
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  1. I have a big swamp-cooler/fan for when it gets hot in the studio. My elderly sewing machine loses it's tiny mind when it overheats! (Not to mention that I do too!) But it never gets nearly as hot here as I'm sure you do in Spain.


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