Monday, May 11, 2015

treasure diggers

we were in madrid organizing  my late mil's stuff to start the renos at last! it was an intense month to say the least. thank goodness for long walks and wine. however, in two weeks i'm foreseeing other sort of headaches with the renos.

among  my mil's own possessions she also kept some of her mother's linens.
drawers and drawers full of old linens; i gave quite a few  because i cannot bear to throw them away and i kept many. 

 among the keepers; this beautiful hand embroidered linen damask tablecloth with tableware that goes with it. it is for a huge table and after it gets tuned i think i'll have some left over fabric for a skirt.

it needs a bit of a treatment,but as it had been kept a dry climate nothing sunlight can't remedy.

this is silk for sheets, hand embroidered monogram and the cut threads for the fagotting border, never done..

here is another linen damask tablecloth.How many huge tablecloths does one need? thinking about keeping the exquisite embroidery  and use it as the center panel for a tablecloth i have. the rest, meters and meters, for a dress. it is ironic that at a point in life that i should be downsizing i am collecting these.

there's going to be lots of sewing around here.
and dyeing as well.

i'll post a few more along this month for the enjoyment of stitcher friends.

feels good to be back .

neki desu
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  1. So sorry about your MIL, Neki. Don't envy you the renos. Those pieces are going to make some gorgeous clothes! I love old linens but most of mine are small and I still use the tablecloths. I just indigo dyed one with holes and stains though which will become something to wear if I can piece it around the worn-out bits.

  2. Welcome home! I agree, it would be a shame to send linens like that to the tip, better to find some use for them, even if it means cutting them up. I'll bet the fabric will make terrific garments, especially after you work some dye magic on them...

  3. Sono felice di vederti di ritorno. Che splendore questi ricami, un tempo sì che sapevano come adornare la casa con biancheria raffinata!


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