Wednesday, May 13, 2015

changing technologies

 trying to schedule some digi printing on fabric i found these two bottles of bubble jet set which i had bought in one of my trips to the can tell how long ago this was as liquids were still allowed on board.
this was the,dare i say,only way back then to fix printer ink on fabric. it worked well, but sometimes there were issues with shelf life. one also had to be careful when ironing the fabric to freezer paper ( i have supplies of it to last my lifetime) as it would easily scorch or create air pockets.
one of the bottles is seven eighth full, the other remains unopened.

fast forward to now and golden digital ground  which have been around for a while now. easy, no iron, and one can tape the fabric to a paper and put it through the printer, hence avoiding the formation of air bubbles.

too bad technology hasn't advanced in adding hours to a day .

neki desu
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  1. I think I still have some of that in my stash too. Not sure what to do with it or if it even still works. Yes, I vote for more hours in the day! We need to get a movement started, don't we? ;)


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